storger (storger) wrote in spacecadets,


In the words of potter_mouth:


Rather, go see our journal because we posted some totally sexy material to it. It was originally all in waitingfortom's memories but she weirdly friends-locked them, so finally all this compilation stuff is getting a use. A sexy use. Plus we TOTALLY RE-FOUND THE ANIMATED MACARENA MACARONI, still-gif-no-more! SO SEXY!

And on behalf of storge_mods, here's what's going on with them: they also gave this comm a slight face lift, added a really sexy mood theme set by kaeda which really should've been put in last year when she made it, and there's now a sloooow SC tag project. Only July - August 2004 are done so far. If you're in a nostalgic mood and have a strange love of tagging, we'd love the help. Going through posts helped to relocate the hot storger/cadets icon by nomeremuggle which now sits as the community icon.

So basically, things are sexy. What's going on with y'all, huh? We're nostalgic for the old days of community chatter ;( It made us feel special and loved and energized and we could slip in comments/plots aimed at entertaining you guys and giving you something to theorize about and stuff. Basically, this storger is wondering if anyone still reads us but is just quiet about it.
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