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Dear spacecadets,

Your friends at storge_space would like to issue our humblest apologies for Livejournal being entirely offline for almost all of July 24, 2007. Posting, friends lists, you name it-- all services were down. We did not anticipate this and thus had not made adequate backup provisions to keep the servers up. We hope that Livejournal service may be more reliable in the future.

After a careful examination, it appears that our wild and passionate third anniversary celebrations were "TOO HOT FOR LJ!" and the servers crashed attempting to handle our sizeable load. Servers remained offline as we traded nostalgic remembrances, rekindled old romances, and made plans for our bright futures together. The power of love knocked out electricity across a large area of San Francisco and disrupted SixApart's services, as well as quite a number of internet services beyond that. Some people have reported witnessing explosions as we ecstatically coupled. It unfortunately took several hours to restore power and bring services back up.

We're especially ashamed that those of you anticipating our hot anniversary postings were instead treated to a lack of services. We had really cool plans for this grandest of grand days, but they will have to happen in the following days instead.

Again, please accept our sincerest and humblest apologies. We beg your forgiveness and will try to be less destructive in our future anniversary celebrations. We prost(r)ate ourselves before you in hopes that you will find it in your heart of hearts to forgive us. If we could wave a magic wand to fix it, we would. Please be advised of upcoming Deathly Hallows spoiler content and adjust your reading if needed. Hopefully services remain online to get to that.

With the deepest sense of guilty responsibility and great feelings of personal pain and anguish,

The Storge Team
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