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Storge Space Wants You!

Two summers ago, nocturne_alley was ending, and a bunch of us sitting in a chat room wibbling about it decided we'd start a game of our own, a parody, certainly nothing that would actually compare to N_A, but something fun to amuse us. We never advertised it or anything, but at some point, you people somehow started watching it, and we sat there, slack-jawed in amazement, watching as more and more people began to watch the game.

It's been two years since we started -- two really fun years -- and after two years, as you've probably figured out, some people have left, and we're at a crossroads, where we can either let things end, or where we can work to bring things back up to where they used to be -- and we've chosen that second way. We're now ready to throw the doors open to the rest of the world and start actively letting people know that we not only exist, but that we're interested in recruiting some brand new players as well.

So. If you have any interest in hopping on board and helping usher Storge into a brave, new, post-HBP world, find a free character you'd like to have some fun with and join up!

And tell your friends!
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So....is it just me, or has nothing updated in Storge for ages? Did I miss a hiatus of the game, or a game ending, or is everyone just busy with finals?

Because really-I miss my fix!
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What the FUCK.

I don't recognize half these fandoms but the ones that I do are priceless. Kreacher as Legolas! Dean as Silent Bob! Harry as Marvin! Draco as Marge Simpson! (okay, so that one didn't happen, but still.)

ETA: Can't belive I missed this. Ahahaha (Yes, I do).
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Ahahaha, have you guys seen this? The Storgers now have their own fanfic archive! Snoodle houses, among other things, RPS, 'historical fiction' and a story that is absolutely not written by Draco Malfoy. For bonus fun, check out the F.U.Q. and TOS.

And of course, no fanfic archive would be complete without the requisite plagiarism drama!

(This was cross-posted to fandom lounge, apologies to those who've seen it twice.)
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Old RPG Q&A threads

A belated Happy Santamas and Happy New Year, other Happy Holidays, etc. etc. blah blah!

The player who made this and is posting this has meant to share it here for a long time, but kept forgetting. Now, it will finally be revealed. This was actually produced for fellow storge_space players to help us see what each others' characters were saying in spectacular's RPG Q&A, but the posting-in-third-person-player thought y'all might like this easy reference as well.

The text might be confusing, but basically what was done is listing which storge_space character(s) appeared in that thread and who they'd started having the conversation with. The ones specifically marked "Storge thread" are those started by our characters (not exclusively replied to by storge_space characters.)

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